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About Macomb County

Macomb County has been recognized with many Achievement Awards – the most in the state - from the National Association of Counties (NACo). The awards honor innovative, effective county government programs that enhance services for residents. “Our goal is always to run Macomb County government as efficiently as possible and receiving these awards demonstrates we are doing so effectively,” said Macomb County Executive Mark A. Hackel. 

Arts and Historic Preservation

Year County Program Title
2011 Macomb County, MI History preserved online, County Commission minutes now accessible from 1924 - present
2013 Macomb County, MI History preserved online, historical election results now available

Children and Youth

Year County Program Title
2009 Macomb County, MI 4-H Peer Mentoring and Service Learning Project

County Personnel Management, Employee Training, and Employee Benefits

Year County Program Title
2008 Macomb County, MI Nine Day Work Schedule Improves Customer Service, Helps County Employees

Emergency Management and Response

Year County Program Title
2016 Macomb County, MI Business Preparedness Conference
2014 Macomb County, MI Multi-Agency Partnership Yields Greater Benefits for Deserving Veterans
2014 Macomb County, MI Under Fire: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Environmental Protection and Energy

Year County Program Title
2007 Macomb County, MI Imagine the Possibilities Recycling Contest
2008 Macomb County, MI Improving Stormwater Quality Through Cooperation, Innovation & Education
2010 Macomb County, MI Linking Septic Data to Land Data Improves Inspections

Fiscal Management

Year County Program Title
2016 Macomb County, MI Juror ATM-style kiosks pay jurors in cash
2008 Macomb County, MI Reducing Meal Packaging Costs
2015 Macomb County, MI Streamlined Payment Processing Saves Time for Staff and Improves Customer Service

Information Technology

Year County Program Title
2016 Macomb County, MI Advancing Health Communications
2007 Macomb County, MI Birth Certificates Verification Via Internet Reduces SSA Paperwork, Thwarts Terrorism
2008 Macomb County, MI Concealed Pistol License System Allows Applicants to Track Status Online
2016 Macomb County, MI Electronic Commerce
2011 Macomb County, MI Electronic entry book prevents fraud as single scan speeds process
2016 Macomb County, MI Family Planning and Macomb McLaren Bi-directional Lab Interface
2015 Macomb County, MI Fleet Maintenance Consolidation
2010 Macomb County, MI Google Premiere Implementation Improves Operations for Clerk's Office
2016 Macomb County, MI Health Immunization Waiver Imaging and Integration
2016 Macomb County, MI Immunization Improvements using the HL7 Interface to the State’s Registry
2007 Macomb County, MI Internet Campaign Finance Reports Promote Public Disclosure, Improve Compliance
2016 Macomb County, MI ITI Re-Write
2015 Macomb County, MI Jail Inmate Locator
2016 Macomb County, MI Jury Clerk communicates electronically with jurors to improve juror yield
2012 Macomb County, MI Jury staff updates jurors anytime, anywhere with Google Docs
2016 Macomb County, MI Kiosk system improves customer service
2016 Macomb County, MI MCIR Health Level Seven (HL7) Interface
2008 Macomb County, MI Online Absentee Ballot Tracking Promotes Voting, Equal Opportunity Accountability
2016 Macomb County, MI Online concealed pistol license application system eases application process
2015 Macomb County, MI Online Marriage Application System Eases License Application Process
2015 Macomb County, MI Project Management Office
2008 Macomb County, MI Questions Answered in Clerk's Online Chatroom
2009 Macomb County, MI Register of Deeds Electronic Entry book
2012 Macomb County, MI Register of Deeds e-mail alert system allows early detection of fraud
2012 Macomb County, MI Register of Deeds Super Index protects property rights and reduces fraud in real estate
2014 Macomb County, MI Server Consolidation Reduces Cost Associated with Ownership
2016 Macomb County, MI Video Remote Interpretation
2016 Macomb County, MI Waste Water Web Site
2015 Macomb County, MI Website Conversion Project


Year County Program Title
2014 Macomb County, MI Volunteer Medical Reserve Corp Ready to Serve in a Health Emergency
2015 Macomb County, MI Youth Emergency Preparedness Outreach Initiative